Comfort & Care
  • Sick and Shut-in - Shows the love of Christ by assisting the sick and shut-in through prayer, visitation, fellowship, worship materials and morehttp://wellwishes.nne.org/

  • Bereavement - Serves the church family in their time of need.  Will pray, notify church family members to pray and confort church members in their time of bereavement


  • Facilitators

  • Group

  • Intake Assistant

  • Individual Counseling

  • Intern Facilitators

Couples Ministry

  • Event Planning

  • Ministry Services

  • Small Groups

Food Services

  • Bereavement - Provides a love meal for families who have experience the loss of a loved one

  • Coffee Cafe (Enrichment Hour)

  • Culinary/Special Events

Health & Wellness

  • Emergency Care

  • Event Planning

  • Fitness

  • Health Communication

  • Medical Admin. Assistant

  • Medical Screening Assistant

Fellowship - continued